God Vs The World


As I began putting this website together this serious subject kept coming to mind, I have been trying to avoid it for some time, but now realize that God is telling me to stop avoiding the subject and address it right now. It is mind boggling and aggravating to think that people out there actually have to question whether or not God exists or that we have just evolved from some animal, plant, speck, or whatever current theory evolutionists are trying to come up with.

I have spent hours and days researching these subjects and the more I do the more I realize the simple truth comes down to this: Pure Rebellion! These people know God exists, yet refuse to believe or submit to His authority. They want control, fame, recognition, and to prove that they have the right to do and believe whatever they want, regardless of how many people they drag down with them. They are self-righteous hypocrites, who have nothing better to do with their money or time than spend it on worthless efforts.

For the record, out of all the subjects that I have had to explain, these are by far the most complicated. There are theories upon theories trying to explain their views in creation and the world, yet none are consistent and the more you read about them the more confusing they get. However, I am determined to show these theories for what they really are, just theories, and that they hold no merit. Incidentally, a theory is defined as speculation. So, these people can only speculate that evolution exists.

Given the fact that one thinks that creation is speculation is ridiculous in itself. We do not have to be scholars to believe that the simple is easier to believe than complicated scientific theories. Besides, even if we evolved from something on the earth, how does one think that these things on earth came into existence? They just did not appear on the earth. Look around the universe. Do you see life on any other planet? Someone had to create life! We are not just some species that just evolved by chance, we are fearfully and wonderfully made by Our Creator, God.

I have exposed several theories for what they really are, pure speculation. All information on this site has been researched and the true findings are backed up with Scripture proving that secular Science can never discredit God no matter how hard they try.

About Creation
Learn the truth about the creation of the world, man, and beast.

About Dinosaurs
Learn the truth about dinosaurs, when they actually were here and how the earth cannot be billions of years old as evolutionist’s claim.

About The Ice Age
Learn the truth about the ice age, when and why it came actually came to pass.

About The Gap Theory
Learn the truth about the stone age, when it actually was and what cavemen actually were.

About Global Warming
Learn the truth about the gap theory and how it deceives Christians into believing lies about the age of the earth.

About Evolution – Darwinism
Learn the truth about Darwin’s theory of evolution.

About Evolution – Big Bang
Learn the truth about Lemaître’s theory on the big bang.

About Evolution Theistic
Learn the truth about the theory that God created everything by evolution.